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If you are a community manager or event coordinator for a Home Owner’s Association, Country Club, or Casino in Las Vegas, Desert Lifeguard Management provides a hassle-free approach to running your pool.  We know a manager’s time is valuable, which is why we make it as easy as possible to provide a safe and pleasant pool experience to your residents, members, and guests.

Hiring lifeguards takes time and money that could be better spent enhancing your member’s experience. Furthermore, managing lifeguards takes certifications and expertise that require constant training and time to keep up-to-date.

Let Desert Lifeguard Management manage your pool.  We provide professional, certified, courteous lifeguards who will keep your pool safe and clean. We will show up in the morning to open your pool and will clean and close your pool in the evening. We will always have a senior lifeguard on hand to provide a layer of customer care and lifeguard management that ensures you will be provided with the utmost care in safety and customer service.

Finally, we know that lightning and summer storms are common in Las Vegas, some of which shut your pool down for extended periods.  We at Desert Lifeguard Management will only charge you for the times in which our lifeguards are at your pool.  If a pool closes for the day you will not pay for our services.  We will work with you to reduce costs where we can because we believe in having an open and trusting relationship with our clients.

Does your property have a smaller pool that doesn’t need a full-time lifeguard presence?  Desert Lifeguard Management can help you with special events or part-time lifeguarding for those patrons who would otherwise be uncomfortable enjoying your pool without a lifeguard on duty.  We will work with you to determine appropriate times and staffing levels in order to save you money while providing the peace of mind of having lifeguards staffing your pool.

What We Offer

At Desert Lifeguard Management, we realize that every pool is unique, and the needs of every client are different.  That is why we are flexible and will work to provide lifeguard services that are right for your pool.  The following are examples of the services we can provide for you:

  •  Event Management – For those facilities that may not need lifeguards in a full-time capacity but host several events per year in which having a lifeguard presence would be a good idea.  We can provide lifeguards for your special events.  Our lifeguards have had experience working at a number of different facilities and can quickly assess coverage needs for your pool.  Desert Lifeguard Management understands that a lot of effort has been made to create a great event and that your patrons are there to have fun. We’ll be there just in case and to make your event that much safer.  A minimum number of events at your pool per season may be required for this option of service.
  • Part-Time Lifeguarding – Is your pool not required to have lifeguards but you have members or guests who would feel more comfortable taking advantage of your pool if a lifeguard were present?  Desert Lifeguard Management can provide lifeguards to your pool at specific times of the day or week.  This is a great option for communities or casinos that are looking to save money while still providing members with a time to go to the pool with a lifeguard present. Studies show that the vast majority of drownings each year occur at unguarded locations.  Give your timid patrons a safe reason to go enjoy your pool!
  • Full-Time Lifeguarding – We will provide lifeguards at all hours your pool is open.  We will open your pool in the morning and close it down in the evening.  Our guards will keep your pool deck clean and are trained to provide excellent customer service to your members and guests.  Present at all times will be a Senior Lifeguard with advanced experience to oversee lifeguards, provide training for lifeguards, and serve your patrons at a high level. This option of lifeguarding is ideal for those facilities that have an in-house employee who can perform pool maintenance and cleaning.
  • Full-Time Lifeguarding and Pool Cleaning – This package provides everything in the Full-Time Lifeguarding package and includes comprehensive pool vacuuming and cleaning.  We have individuals on staff  with years of pool upkeep and cleaning experience who can keep your pool up to health code levels by vacuuming regularly, cleaning the scum line on your pool, emptying skimmer baskets, cleaning stainless steel handrails and generally keeping your pool sparkling clean!
  • Turn-Key Pool Management – Are you a manager who just wants to entrust everything at your pool to us? We can provide a worry-free approach to managing your pool because we know you are a busy person! Just give us the keys and we will treat your pool like it is our own.  We can do everything necessary to keep your pool running and up to health code standards. This can include checking and ordering chemicals, keeping your water chemistry balanced, vacuuming your pool, keeping the pool deck clean, and of course, providing lifeguards for the safety of your patrons.

Need something different from what is mentioned above? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll work with you to provide exactly what you want!

Desert Lifeguard Management specializes in providing certified, courteous, and quality lifeguards, pool management and pool maintenance services to Home Owners Associations and country clubs in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.