Tired Of Dealing With Pool Cleaning Chores?

Leave them to our team in Henderson & Summerlin, NV

If you're outsourcing your pool management, you want them to deal with the cleaning process, too. Desert Lifeguard Management understands, and we're here to help. As part of our lifeguard management package, we provide professional pool cleaning services every day. You can rely on our team in Henderson & Summerlin, NV to keep up with your pool maintenance and make sure everything meets health code specifications.

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What's included?

Having a dependable team to manage your pool's care is crucial for the safety of your guests. With our lifeguard management package, the lifeguards will be responsible for...

  • Spraying down the pool deck daily
  • Picking up and disposing of trash
  • Polishing handrails
  • Cleaning pool bathrooms
  • Removing hazardous items

Our pool maintenance team is trained to go the extra mile. Contact us today to set up pool cleaning services.