Tait Ecklund
Owner of Desert Lifeguard Management

Desert Lifeguard Management was formed to fill a need in the Las Vegas Valley to provide turn-key lifeguard management services to home owners' associations, country clubs, and casinos that have pools large enough to necessitate lifeguards to be on deck during pool operations.

The owner of Desert Lifeguard Management, Tait Ecklund, has been involved in aquatics his entire life, having been a competitive swimmer since the age of 5. He started in the lifeguard industry in 2000, and in that time has managed lifeguards and pool operations, supervising over 30 lifeguards in each facility he has worked. Tait is a certified American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor, has trained over 100 lifeguards, and is intimately knowledgeable about the lifeguarding industry. In addition, he has gained the skills necessary to manage business operations by obtaining a Master of Public Administration and has extensive experience in human resources and financial/budgetary operations in the organizations for which he has worked. As well, Tait has worked for an HOA in Las Vegas, managing its recreation center and aquatics complex.

Tait started Desert Lifeguard Management because he saw a need for pool operators to be able to turn to a competent source to manage their pool and aquatics operations. Managing a pool takes a specific skill set that can only be gained through years of experience. Tait has a concern for pools being managed by individuals who aren't well versed in aquatics management and who would unknowingly compromise the safety of their patrons by placing lifeguard training as a secondary priority.

Desert Lifeguard Management can save you money and reduce your liability by providing only the very best trained lifeguards to your pool who must pass a weekly skills test and customer service scenarios. We will staff your pool in the most efficient way possible and will work with you to reduce costs where we can. Our pricing structure will charge you on a Lifeguard-Hour basis rather than a flat monthly or seasonal fee. There is no charge when guards go home due to inclement weather closures.

With your time freed from the stress and worry associated with managing lifeguards and pool operations, you will be able to use your time more efficiently to enhance your members' experiences by creating additional programs, classes, or special events for them to enjoy!