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Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

The harsh Las Vegas climate can wreak havoc on your pool. Keeping a clean facility adds to the attractiveness of your facility, helps maintain your pool equipment, and allows for a safer pool environment. At Desert Lifeguard Management we take pride in maintaining a clean pool area. Our lifeguards are trained to go the extra mile, from picking up a plastic wrapper as they walk the pool in addition to the scheduled daily and weekly cleaning tasks that any pool needs.

We have qualified, experienced staff members who will come to your pool on a scheduled basis to vacuum your pool and ensure that it meets and exceeds health code specifications.

With our lifeguard management package, our lifeguards will be responsible for spraying down your deck daily, picking up and taking out trash, polishing handrails, cleaning pool-specific bathrooms, and removing items that could pose a hazard.

Las Vegas Lifeguard and Pool Management

Las Vegas Pool Maintenance

Making repairs to any pool can be a costly endeavor. That is why at Desert Lifeguard Management we believe that proper maintenance can reduce such burdens by preventing equipment failures. The strong sun during the Las Vegas summers and the cold winters place burdens on pool equipment from prematurely cracking pipes to putting stress on electronic monitoring equipment. Having properly trained aquatics professionals on site to monitor your pool’s equipment could mean the difference between an easy preventative maintenance fix or a costly and time-consuming repair to deal with.

We have staff members who have years of experience as Certified Pool Operators (CPO). As part of your lifeguard management service, we can provide a senior lifeguard with their CPO who will be on deck during open pool hours. These individuals will ensure your pool chemicals are in balance according to health code standards as well as maintain record logs as mandated by state and county codes.

​Having a CPO on deck during open hours ensures that if something goes wrong, your residents and members will be inconvenienced for as short a time as possible, and their safety will be maintained at an extremely high level.

Desert Lifeguard Management specializes in providing certified, courteous, and quality lifeguards, pool management and pool maintenance services to Home Owners Associations and country clubs in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.